Scandinavian Style Shipments

Welcome Home gets IKEA shipments once a month.  Take a look at our favourite IKEA videos now for inspiration.

IKEA furniture, accents and unique room solutions mean different things to different people – drop by our store and ask Anne about adding some Scandi-style to your home today.

For those not familiar with IKEA products, or who want to see before they buy, a selection of IKEA items are on show in our Governors Square store.  Or just visit IKEA make your shopping list and mail it to Anne at to WelcomeHome@candw.ky .

IKEA Ideas in a nutshell

Can Jess keep all her stuff?  Watch now!

Small bedroom makeover idea from San Leandro. Watch now!

The IKEA US team visit the Bronx:

Lisa Quinn always has a practical and stylish way with IKEA:

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For more great ideas – check IKEA on YouTube –













Serving Suggestions

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